This Halloween don’t be a good girl, be a Mean girl!

Halloween is just around the corner, and everyone is still searching for the perfect costume.Whether you’re going to a party, or trick-or-treating, this group costume will leave everyone speechless. Halloween isn’t the same without costumes, so what could be better than a group costume with your friends? Mean Girls is possibly the most iconic movie of the 21st century and what could be a better costume than the Plastics themselves. Dressing as the Plastics wont be any more difficult than searching in your cloImage result for mean girls plasticsset for a mini skirt, extra small sweater, and heels (preferably pink even though it’s not a Wednesday) . Take some inspiration from the three girls who know everything about everyone in school. Remember the hairspray to extenuate your “hair so tumblr_nvz0vywjqt1qj4315o1_500big, its full of secrets”. Although you may look like a Plastic it’s probably not a good idea to act like one. So, remember to dress up as the Plastics and have a fetch Halloween!- J.G

90’s style the finest style

giphyOh the 90’s. The year of hip hop, boy bands, iconic tv shows + movies, and unforgettable fashion. The 1990’s was a year filled with fashion trends that has recently been on the rise again. I’m sure you’ve all seen chokers and chunky black booties everywhere, but today I wanted to focus on  3 different trends that were popular then and is making a come back.

I’m like, totally bugging.

1.)T-Shirts under spaghetti strapped tops. In the famous movie “Clueless”, Alicia Silverstone who plays Cher Horowitz is wearing a simple white t shirt under a ribbed velvet baby pink tank. There’s just something about two simple items like this that makes a huge statement. But mixing patterns was also very popular, like a striped tee under a floral dress. This outfit is so easy to put together and easy to find at affordable stores like Forever21. Totally 90’s and totally Cher.

 2. )Mom jeans galore! Denim is never out of style and the reason I love mom jeans so much  is because you can serve so many different looks with it! A popular way to pair it was with a long sleeve v neck, black chunky boots, a big black belt and some gold earrings like Mariah wears in the picture below . It was common to see black belts with these jeans since the waist was looser than other high waisted jeans. For a more casual look, put on a slightly oversized tee and knot the front of it and put on some Adidas superstars with a choker and you’re ready to snatch people left and right, the combinations and outfits are endless!

90’s It girl, singer and fashion icon, Mariah Carey.
Fifth Harmony’s Normani Kordei wears a bandana and silver hoop earrings which compliment her jeans very well. This was after she and her band performed a tribute to Destiny’s Child, a popular girl group in the 90’s and what better outfit could she have worn? This is perfect!

3.)Last but not least, satin / silk  tops and dresses. When some people think of silk they think of silk pajamas, but in the 90’s, silk dresses were a huge hit. They look gorgeous, elegant, and so effortlessly glamorous. The combination of slip dresses (spaghetti strapped deep plunge dresses) and satin was regularly seen on the red carpet and was worn a lot by celebrities. Silk dresses were very simple but remember, simplicity is always key! I hope this gave you a little peek of the many looks from the 90’s. See you soon! -M.H.

Dynamic duo, Naomi  Campbell and Kate Moss wearing chokers and silk slip dresses. So iconic. So gorgeous. So trendy.
YouTuber and writer, Orion Carloto looks amazing in a black lace silky slip dress.
Winona Ryder looking absolutely stunning at the American Film Institute Gala.

An unlikely pair

With fall finally back in full swing, more and more people have been pulling out boots, thigh highs to be exact. On top of that you can see that almost all of your favorite female celebs have been rocking them with graphic tees. This seems to be one of the cutest and newest trends this fall.The outfit itself isn’t very hard, you can catch most people throwing on any rock shirt or graphic tee from the back of their closest. Most thigh high boots come in neutral colors like, black, nude, and gray so they match every top. This outfit is usually paired with jean shorts or a mini skirt. If you get cold you can pair the outfit with a leather jacket or a warm wool cardigan. So this fall all you need are a pair of thigh high boots a graphic tee and you are set!

Image result for thigh highs boots and graphic teeImage result for thigh highs boots and graphic teeImage result for thigh highs boots and graphic teeImage result for thigh highs boots and graphic tee



Oversized sweaters? Yes please!


Oversized sweaters are just the perfect piece for fall! You can look so put together but still feel comfy! They’re so stylish and can keep you warm. You can pair an oversized sweater with almost anything! Over the knee boots with some comfy leggings or jeans. If you just woke up and need something so quick to throw on. Don’t freak out! Just throw on an oversized sweater with some cute pants and hit the road! Oversized sweaters are a big essential for autumn. Also they’re so ideal because you don’t really need to buy the most expensive one to look nice. Now some really trendy adorable accessories and popped out essential you can use to make your outfit and your oversized sweater to look beyond fashionable. A dark lip color will look so perfect for the fall and your sweater, a comfy scarf, and layering some cute necklaces. Now you’re ready to slay your oversized sweater! ~HH



Halloween: The Simple Way to Dress

Have you ever been in a situation where you just remember Halloween is in 2 days? You just don’t know what to where? Or you just don’t want to put any effort into making a costume? Well here are two simple ways you can dress up this year with little effort at all. Idea number one on how to put the least effort into making a costume is simply wear all black. With this you have endless possibilities you can draw little whiskers on your face and be a cat or you can find a little witch hat and you’re a witch. It’s so simple and you will look so cute! The second idea is to dress up like a gangster/ rapper. This is my favorite idea because you dress up in a baggy pair of sweatpants, either a tank top or baggy sweatshirt, find a pair of high top shoes, and wear a baseball hat backwards and your done. This is so easy and you will be so comfy the whole night! Dressing up for Halloween should not be something you hate but something you love. You get to look as crazy as you want for one night, so have fun with it !


Image result for simple cat costumes

An example of an easy way to look like a cat. Meow!


Victoria Secret Fashion Show; First Details!

There’s three things girls wait for every year; summer, for their favorite show on netflix to have new episodes, and the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. From the eccentric set design, to the beautiful models and their fabulous lingerie, you can’t help but obsess over it every year. Taking place in December this year, the Fashion Show will take place in France for the first time ever. It will be the second time the show has taken place outside of the US, and it’s said to be the best yet! As for the models, the Final Auditions are still taking place and we won’t know for a while, but there are definitely rumors flying around. One model that I call the “Model On The Look Out” is the famous Adriana Lima. Every year she steals the show, and the year after that she always seems to top herself! She’s one of the most watched, and this year when we watch the Fashion Show, it’ll be a reminder of why it’s always been that way. But until then, all we can do is online shop on the Victoria Secret website and pray the days go faster (and that they have sales very soon!) -ED

Image result for victoria's secret fashion show adrianaImage result for victoria's secret fashion showImage result for victoria's secret fashion show













FALLing back in love with T-shirt dresses!

T-shirt dresses are perfect for not only summer but for fall as well. Somewhere between super hectic days or lazy days when you don’t feel like trying with your outfit, the t-shirt dress is perfect for any occasion. Not only is it super comfy but also very stylish because you can dress it up with a necklace, high boots or a flannel. Even if it’s cold outside just add a cute scarf and a jacket/cardigan to keep warm and of course stay in style at the same time. They are also inexpensive and can be found in good quality in a lot of stores at the mall or online. It’s definitely getting very popular because even our favorite Celebrities are wearing them. On the left, Miley Cyrus is wearing a plain white t-shirt dress and added a cute flannel, necklace, and converse to complete her stylish outfit. On the right, Gigi Hadid is wearing a blue striped t-shirt dress with a tan simple jacket which looks fashionable yet comfy for a night out. As you can see the t-shirt dress is just so cute that even Gigi HADid to get herself one as well. -MD

1a57619a5fb978bdd6a7e81b70cdc402.jpg                            photos-gigi-hadid-et-joe-jonas-ils-boycottent-leurs-fans-a-montreal-_portrait_w674.jpg