The Great Outdoors Outfits

As the Summer warmth is dragged away and the coolness of Autumn creeps upon us, the leaves change color to make all scenery to look as if it comes from a Wes Anderson film. This makes Autumn the perfect time to go outside and explore the outdoors, go for a hike or a road trip. Naturally in this age, if we something that fits our aesthetic, we will take a picture and want to post it on some form of social media. The key to looking like you’re a frequent outdoorsy person is layering. One word: Flannel. Wear a flannel over some sort of tank, buttoned up and tucked, or even tied around your waist. My next tip, is to invest in some boots, whether or not they are made for the outdoors. Boots always add to that fall appeal, even Dr. Martens contribute to that Fall aesthetic. My last tip is knit. Wearing a knit cap over messy hair or having the tips of wool socks peak above the tops of those boots always add a touch of warmth. Make the most of this Autumn and venture outside, even if it isn’t for your Instagram. -LB

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