Back With The Birks

Birkenstocks have been in trend for a while now. Since about March of 2016, I have seen students rocking them around school with all types of outfits. Ripped jeans, T-shirt dresses, running shorts, and more. What I like most about these shoes are that both men and women can wear them.Though, girls seem to purchase them more often than guys. Birkenstocks come in different styles like the Madrid flat sandal, Florida flat sandal, Granada flat sandal, patent flat sandal, Arizona flat sandal, and Mayari sandal. You could also choose from a variety of colors that you think compliment you and your outfits perfectly. Since the warm weather is coming to an end, the Birkenstocks will soon become mostly out of the trend and Ugg boots will take it’s spot. Although, people will try to make the most out of the $95-100 dollars they spent on the “Birks” and wear them year-round by adding a pair of fuzzy socks to go along with them. – S.D.C 🌟Image result for mayari birkenstock on feetImage result for birkenstocks outfitImage result for birkenstocks men


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