Bieber Does Everything With Purpose, Even Wearing A Flannel

We all know Justin Bieber, a very talented music artist. He’s been on tour for monthJustin Bieber flannelss with his most recent tour, the “Purpose Tour”. On tour you wear the outfits that your designers think are best. Outside of the tour Justin get to express himself even more and he’s bringing back some pretty great trends.

Remember that ’90s grunge classic- the flannel? Yep Bieber’s bringing it back. Simple, yes, but that doesn’t make Image result for justin bieber flannel 2016it any less well-known. Sometimes Bieber wears it around his waist, on other days he brings back the lumberjack look, rolling up the sleeves to show his biceps. During his purpose tour back in April he wore flannel on flannel. Seems impossible right? Not to Bieber!!! He wore a canary hued flannel shirt the normal way but then his “fear of god” flannel in kilt-like form. Hard to belieb it right?

Flannel on flannel doesn’t sound so appealing but on Bieber it’s looking good. Bieber is always bringing back old trends or starting new trends. Everything he wears is so fashionable. He’s not only an amazingly talented artist, but his style  is pretty darn good too.



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