Styles Has The Style


As we all know Harry Styles has been apart of the biggest boyband for the past six years. About a year ago, the boys took a break to experiment as solo artists. The boys were left to go down their own paths and now have the chance to create a new image for themselves.

Harry is now able to express himself in ways that he could not before. He is able to show the world who he is as a whole rather than a group. His first solo project was the filming of Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, which occurred this summer.

On September 29th, Another Man magazine released their autumn/winter issue featuring Harry.  The issue revealed a variety of different photographs of the lad. The photoshoot occurred over three different time periods this year. The first period being when he had his long hair, the second when he had cut it short (resembling a young Mick Jagger), and when it was even shorter. He was pictured in Marc Jacobs, Louis Vutton, Prada, Gucci, Alexander McQueen, and Raf Simons.                                      cuij_hvxeaafep0

Harry always strives to stand out and be unique. He has a strong appreciation for fashion of both men and women. He is constantly breaking gender roles through fashion. For example, he has casually worn women’s clothing. Recently, as he arrived at the launch party for his issue of Another Man. Harry was seen wearing black nail polish which is also known to be his favorite color. S.S.C


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