90’s style the finest style

giphyOh the 90’s. The year of hip hop, boy bands, iconic tv shows + movies, and unforgettable fashion. The 1990’s was a year filled with fashion trends that has recently been on the rise again. I’m sure you’ve all seen chokers and chunky black booties everywhere, but today I wanted to focus on  3 different trends that were popular then and is making a come back.

I’m like, totally bugging.

1.)T-Shirts under spaghetti strapped tops. In the famous movie “Clueless”, Alicia Silverstone who plays Cher Horowitz is wearing a simple white t shirt under a ribbed velvet baby pink tank. There’s just something about two simple items like this that makes a huge statement. But mixing patterns was also very popular, like a striped tee under a floral dress. This outfit is so easy to put together and easy to find at affordable stores like Forever21. Totally 90’s and totally Cher.

 2. )Mom jeans galore! Denim is never out of style and the reason I love mom jeans so much  is because you can serve so many different looks with it! A popular way to pair it was with a long sleeve v neck, black chunky boots, a big black belt and some gold earrings like Mariah wears in the picture below . It was common to see black belts with these jeans since the waist was looser than other high waisted jeans. For a more casual look, put on a slightly oversized tee and knot the front of it and put on some Adidas superstars with a choker and you’re ready to snatch people left and right, the combinations and outfits are endless!

90’s It girl, singer and fashion icon, Mariah Carey.
Fifth Harmony’s Normani Kordei wears a bandana and silver hoop earrings which compliment her jeans very well. This was after she and her band performed a tribute to Destiny’s Child, a popular girl group in the 90’s and what better outfit could she have worn? This is perfect!

3.)Last but not least, satin / silk  tops and dresses. When some people think of silk they think of silk pajamas, but in the 90’s, silk dresses were a huge hit. They look gorgeous, elegant, and so effortlessly glamorous. The combination of slip dresses (spaghetti strapped deep plunge dresses) and satin was regularly seen on the red carpet and was worn a lot by celebrities. Silk dresses were very simple but remember, simplicity is always key! I hope this gave you a little peek of the many looks from the 90’s. See you soon! -M.H.

Dynamic duo, Naomi  Campbell and Kate Moss wearing chokers and silk slip dresses. So iconic. So gorgeous. So trendy.
YouTuber and writer, Orion Carloto looks amazing in a black lace silky slip dress.
Winona Ryder looking absolutely stunning at the American Film Institute Gala.

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