A Dress Over Jeans: Fashion Disaster or Statement?

A style that has come across my news feed a lot is wearing jeans with a dress instead of tights. Just hearing about this style made me think of how Ashley Tisdale dressed in the early 2000’s, it was rough. Image result for ashley tisdale 2000s fashion
However, when I looked at more pictures of this upcoming trend, I thought tha
t with the right dress, it can be pulled off. This could just be the perfect way to keep warm as the temperature drops, and be cute and comfortable. The style works best when you wear a dress that isn’t too long, and isn’t too short. One of the key factors that will make or break your outfit is the color palette, make sure the colors match! This style is very intimidating to try, but is worth it with the bold fashion statement it makes. I conclude that a dress over jeans is a fashion statement and I’m excited to see how this trend turns out. -NG



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