Halloween: The Simple Way to Dress

Have you ever been in a situation where you just remember Halloween is in 2 days? You just don’t know what to where? Or you just don’t want to put any effort into making a costume? Well here are two simple ways you can dress up this year with little effort at all. Idea number one on how to put the least effort into making a costume is simply wear all black. With this you have endless possibilities you can draw little whiskers on your face and be a cat or you can find a little witch hat and you’re a witch. It’s so simple and you will look so cute! The second idea is to dress up like a gangster/ rapper. This is my favorite idea because you dress up in a baggy pair of sweatpants, either a tank top or baggy sweatshirt, find a pair of high top shoes, and wear a baseball hat backwards and your done. This is so easy and you will be so comfy the whole night! Dressing up for Halloween should not be something you hate but something you love. You get to look as crazy as you want for one night, so have fun with it !


Image result for simple cat costumes

An example of an easy way to look like a cat. Meow!



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