This Halloween don’t be a good girl, be a Mean girl!

Halloween is just around the corner, and everyone is still searching for the perfect costume.Whether you’re going to a party, or trick-or-treating, this group costume will leave everyone speechless. Halloween isn’t the same without costumes, so what could be better than a group costume with your friends? Mean Girls is possibly the most iconic movie of the 21st century and what could be a better costume than the Plastics themselves. Dressing as the Plastics wont be any more difficult than searching in your cloImage result for mean girls plasticsset for a mini skirt, extra small sweater, and heels (preferably pink even though it’s not a Wednesday) . Take some inspiration from the three girls who know everything about everyone in school. Remember the hairspray to extenuate your “hair so tumblr_nvz0vywjqt1qj4315o1_500big, its full of secrets”. Although you may look like a Plastic it’s probably not a good idea to act like one. So, remember to dress up as the Plastics and have a fetch Halloween!- J.G


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