Are pearls a girls new best friend?

Back in the 90’s chokers were all the rage. Now, they are back and better than ever. Girls around Lake Braddock have been wearing chokers with a single pearl on it. I personally love the trend and I have a pearl choker myself. Most girls style it with either a casual t-shirt or a nice top. A lot of girls either buy the necklace or make it themselves. Usually the choker has one big pearl with a black string but I have also seen a taupe string with three small pearls. This is just another example of how the 90’s have returned. Chokers were a huge trend in the 90’s especially in the grunge scene. I think girls should look towards this trend if they want an edgier and cooler look this fall.-E.S.






FALLing for Pumpkin Spice!

fashion-2016-02-01-fall-fashion-trend-2016-pumpkin-spice-trend-mainThe iconic “Pumpkin Spice” color is a deep, muddy, cool toned shade of orange. Its always been associated with autumn, hence the name, and brings along a fresh fall aura! It made a huge appearance in this years NYFW in everything from silk tops to suede dresses. What makes this color special is that you can wear it with virtually any color. It’s also more of a seasonal color, for example, no wearing white after labor day (which I never really understood). Typically, you’ll see it as the main color in an outfit instead of it being an accent color. Though you can dress the color up or down anyway you’d like, I prefer it in a casual dress or shirt. This fall favorite will be sure to make it’s way into most of our fall fashion collections!


Snow Many Sweaters!

Image result for sweaters polyvoreDecember is around the corner, so fashion is about to take a drastic change. As winter approaches in Northern Virginia, it’s important to be prepared for some seriously cold days. Although you’re in love with all of the adorable tank tops you bought this summer, it’s time to fold them away and start looking for something a little cozier.
The best way to stay warm is with a sweater. They’re comfy, soft, and inviting. Unfortunately, some people are swayed from sweaters because they can look bulky or unflattering. It’s hard to decide between looking cute and staying warm. Luckily, there are lots of ways to make sweaters work with your wardrobe.
Sweaters aren’t made strictly for the coldest days of the year. Depending on the thickness, different sweaters are appropriate in certain weather conditions. Some sweaters are looser and allow more air to pass through. Others are perfect for chilly days because they’re sewn tighter and conserve more heat. When choosing a sweater to wear for the day, it’s important to keep the thickness in mind.
If you have a sweater that feels too slouchy, there’s nothing to worry about. Pairing a sweater with a cute infinity scarf or wearing a vest can make an outfit look better.
The last tip is arguably the most important. Wearing slim pants to contrast against a loose sweater can also be flattering.
Dressing warmly without sacrificing style is difficult, but sweaters aren’t as suffocating as they might seem. Sweaters can be dressed up with accessories, complimented by other flattering pieces, or just worn alone. Sweaters are a great way to feel cozy all day and look great!



Shop Smarter, Not Harder

If you live in America, odds are you are materialistic by birth. The whole concept of ‘The American Dream’ is to achieve success and to represent your success and dedication to your work ethic, you buy expensive things to let everyone around you know that you are successful. But what do you do when you aren’t riding a wave of dollar bills but you still want luxury goods? You buy from outlet stores. In all my shopping discoveries, there is nothing that beats good ol’ Nordstrom Rack. Nordstrom Rack is the land of the budget-constrained and stylish. Incase you’ve never heard of Nordstrom Rack, it is a branch of Nordstrom that takes all the products Nordstrom couldn’t sell and marks them down to more affordable prices. Shoes and clothes can be marked down over 50% but the real gold is the high-end makeup. Last week, I found a TooFaced palette for $15.95, brand new. Yes, maybe I had to dig around a pile of broken lip glosses and eyeshadows to find this holy grail, but good bargains don’t come to those who don’t look for them. I found a Kate Spade purse for $129, which is still expensive but considering the original retail price was $260, I’d say it was a good deal. Next time, before you skip past Nordstrom Rack and assume it’s just “disorganized and cheap”, remember, so is Forever21, and wouldn’t you rather have high quality clothes for half the price, rather than poorly sewn rags for the same price?



The Return Of The 80’s

Justbruin like bell bottom jeans scrunchies are making a come back from the 80’s. Scrunchies have always been a thing but lately I have seen people wear scrunchies in different ways. Just the other day I bought a few scrunchies for myself but have yet to wear them. Scrunchies, to me,  is one of the cutest ways to wear your hair up. My best friend Freya Johnson wears scrunchies when ever she puts her hair half up and half down and I think it looks really good on her. To me scrunchies make a plain pony tail go from boring to trendy and it make it look like you tried a little even if the pony tail is messy. Scrunchies  also look cute and trendy when you wear them on your wrist as an accessories. You can buy scrunchies almost anywhere, I have seen them in target, forever 21, h&m, and amazon but I bet you can find them in a lot of other stores . You can get scrunchies in a lot of different colors so you can just pick one that goes with your outfit that you are wearing that day. I’ve seen a few popular youtubers  wearing scrunchies like Zoella and Arden Rose. I think scrunchies look really good on girls with short hair but its probably because I’ve seen girls with shorter hair wear them more then girls with longer hair. To be honest I think anyone could wear a scrunchie if the wanted to.


The Perfect Dress for The Holidays

The holidays are approaching and so are those festive parties. were all trying to figure out what to wear, but fear not, this article will help you find the perfect dress for your body type.
First off, the triangle
If you have a smaller upper body and wider lower body then A-line and v neck dresses will suit you best. Avoid using skirts that are two voluminous and pleated skirts.Image result for v neck dress

The apple
If you’re a little bit on the rounder side try using dresses that are tighter up top but lose on the bottom, also known as empire waist dresses. These dresses will give you an illusion of a smaller waist.
Try to avoid dresses with too much sparkle and dresses that are too tight.

Image result for empire waist prom for chubby
The rectangle
Try using dresses that are tighter up top and flowy or puffy at the bottom. These dresses will create curves and extenuates the waist. dresses that tie at the back and belts are your best friend. Avoid using a-line and bodycon dresses.

Image result for dresses tight up top and flowy
The hour glass
Bodycon dresses suit you best. Avoid horizontal stripes and anything loose around the torso. Image result for elegant bodycon dress

Most important of all don’t forget to show off those curves. The point of this is to accentuate what you have not to hide or conceal . Have fun at your parties and happy holidays to all. ~L.R.

Leather Makes It Better

Usher in the windy and sunny Fall season with leather products. Leather, faux or genuine cowhide, is always in style. This season you can find leather jackets, leather boots, and leather handbags.

Image result for leather bomber jacket women

Bomber jackets tend to be made of polyester–either in matte or satin. However you can get this season’s latest trend in leather, too.



Moto jackets are all the rage this season. Moto jackets have clean, sleek, cuts, and feature prominently displayed zippers. Sometimes the zipper closure is asymmetric and sometimes the jacket has no collar but a thin band. While moto jackets come in a wide range of colors, I personally prefer any neutral colors other than black, the original choice for motorcycle jackets.


There are variety of options for leather boots this season. There are booties, ankle boots, combat boots, knee high boots, and thigh high boots. Any of these varieties can come with a heel.



This is my favorite type of leather boot for Fall 2016. They make me feel taller because I’m so short. The heel makes me appear taller and the boot itself is long so it gives the appearance of height.


Leather handbags are a year round trend. But this season’s handbags coordinate their colors with the autumn colors.



Louis Vuitton consistently features classic designs and materials in their handbag design. This season’s handbag collection, while traditional in design, feature natural autumn colors.


For all you vegans, vegetarians, or those of you opposed to the leather industry, there is now an environmentally and animal conscious alternative to leather. MuSkin is an alternative to leather offering the texture and resemblance of traditional cowhide, but coming from mushroom roots.



MuSkin has just been introduced to the market, but has yet to hit department store shelves. Look for it in the future!