Back to the Basics

No matter the decade, denim has always been apart of the great fashion history. Styling denim is probably the easiest and most versatile piece of clothing to put together. You can go for a dressy fancy look, or dress down for a casual laid back look. Whether its worn as jeans, a jacket, or distressed, denim goes perfect with any outfit. It was widely popular throughout the 90s decades and was often worn in a baggy over sized style, but at the same time, still appealing to the eye. Ever since then, jeans have gone through changes into to what we know today as skinny jeans! Skinny jeans are not made for just a certain body type. Anyone can wear them, even your grandma can. Though skinny jeans currently remain at the peak of the fashion cycle in our generation, the over sized, baggy denim look has made a huge comeback. Vintage items such as “mom jeans” have become a very popular look to rock. Over-sized jean jackets are perfect for fall and winter and look great with just about anything.  Get yourself some denim pieces, girl! i promise you wont regret it . -TI                                                                                                                20's, robe, and tunic imagechokers, denim, and fashion imagedrew barrymore, grunge, and 90s image


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