InVESTing in Autumn

Love layering? Vests may be worth your investment! As the days get colder and houses get warmer, finding something to wear for both temperatures can become a bit tricky. Vests can be a stylish solution! They are an easy addition to any outfit on a cold day. You can pair vests with just about everything! They are a cute addition to your fall and winter wardrobe. From athletic/leisure wear to fashionable outings, this item can be worn for many occasions. A few of my favorite looks with vests include blanket scarfs, flannels, and booties. Some different kinds of vests include leather, fur, feather, denim, sweater, and puffy vests. In the first picture is Olivia Palermo rocking a fur vest and booties. The second picture shows Victoria Beckham wearing a sweater vest to create more of a  business attire.-E.N.


Image result for Olivia Palermo Outfits with vests

Image result for Celebs in sweater vests



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