Pants-less and fabulous

It feels like every time we log onto our pintrests or flip through fashion magazines in line at the grocery store all we see are celebrities rocking the no pants look.Celebrities from Rihanna to the Kardashians have been adding their own twists to this new trend. Mini dresses first became popular during the 1960s with the “gogo” look. Since then they have morphed throughout the yearns and now the mini t-shirt dresses and boots are the modern approach.When typically extra large baggy clothing has been looked down upon being seen as frumpy and unstylish it is now the new it look. It is even a frequent style seen in the halls of high schools. Typically these large t-shirts are worn with thigh-high boots which make the t-shirt dresses appear less scandalous. The more edgy and tattered your t-shirt is the edgier and more fashionable it becomes. When paired with bright velvet boots this look instantly becomes a runway ensemble.





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