New You November

           Are you tired of your same old hairstyle? Overdue on a haircut? In need of a touch up on your hair color? I know I was. This past week I chopped off my long, brown, natural hair for a completely new look. As seen with many celebrities,is a new trend, a shorter hairstyle, just passed the shoulders, with a type of dye called Balayage. Balayage is similar to ombré or highlights in coloring, but starts at the middle of your head. This gives it the highlight and ombré look by blending the colors of your natural hair with the new color you have chosen. This look ties into the whole “work hard for the natural look” that girls now a days go for. It’s a hairstyle that looks natural, but really takes hours to create. Similar to makeup looks that many have (natural looks;the Naked Palettes). This post is to influence all you beauty gurus to go out and try something new for this winter! Whether it’s a cut or a color, it will be worth it! Instead of no shave november, let’s make it New You November. End the year with a different style than you started it, be adventurous and be bold! 



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