Warm Up to Turtlenecks

Don’t have a scarf to keep you warm from the freezing temperatures? Fear not! The solution to your problem is turtlenecks! You may be thinking that turtlenecks aren’t cute or stylish but they really are! Turtlenecks are coming back in big fashion. They can be styled with a pair of jeans and booties for a cute look in the fall, or you could mix it up and wear jean shorts during the warmer days! The possibilities are endless for outfits with turtlenecks. Don’t be scared to rock turtlenecks, give them a chance! You never know, you might end up loving them! The first picture is of Kim Kardashian wearing a gray turtleneck paired with a matching bodycon skirt. The second picture is Charlize Theron wearing a green turtleneck sweater with jeans a pair of booties. The third picture is Kendall Jenner wearing a white turtleneck paired with a white fur vest. -EM

Image result for celebrities wearing turtlenecksImage result for celebrities wearing turtlenecks


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