Extra Baggage

After putting together the perfect outfit for a great night out, isn’t it hard to pick the best bag to go along with it? No worries, a recap will help you out. We all know why we need a bag, but it doesn’t hurt to look good!

1. A satchel is super convenient and comes in various designs. They can go with any outfit from casual to fancy, adding a little bit of cuteness. They always have a bunch of space to put all of your essentials in. Not to mention, you can wear it over your shoulder or hold onto the handle at the top! Multiple options in one are the best!


2. Velvet bags have been coming into the radar lately, as they’ve been seen more frequently on the red carpet. Although large, heavy ones aren’t always necessary for going out, smaller sized velvet bags are available for any special night out occasion, paired with a typical ensemble of dresses and heels.


Fashionable Backpack For Holiday

3. Back to the classic that we all know; backpacks. Lately, they’ve taken a little twist from your typical standard backpack in stores. These come in various styles and are perfect to pair up with any kind of outfit in all four seasons. They’ve been appearing more in the school hallways, proving that backpacks don’t have to be boring. Big enough to hold all of your books, cute enough to wear all around.

Hopefully a few of these have helped you get an idea of what type of bags you’d like to wear and when. There are plenty of options to choose from, and any of them can give you a great boost to your perfect #OOTD!

– JN


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