White Matches With E V E R Y T H I N G ! πŸŒŸ

Concerned about not being able to wear your favorite summer dress in the fall?
Don't worry, because all you gotta do is just wear a nice soft white shirt underneath!


There's some people out there who feel insecure wearing thin strapped clothing
or even showing too much skin, but this would make a great alternative for those
who struggle in those kinds of situations.  

 (Ignore the outfit on the right)

This trend has originated from korean fashion, since the weather is already
getting very cold, this trend has definitely been very eye-popping around the world.


I personally really enjoy this trend, because even though I haven't tried it yet;
I'm hoping too later on during this chilly season. It's very cutesy and emphasizes
the entire outfit. 


Who knew that a simple white tee could change your whole outfit completely?
I hope you've enjoy this blog post and make sure to try this trend yourself!



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