Leather Makes It Better

Usher in the windy and sunny Fall season with leather products. Leather, faux or genuine cowhide, is always in style. This season you can find leather jackets, leather boots, and leather handbags.

Image result for leather bomber jacket women

Bomber jackets tend to be made of polyester–either in matte or satin. However you can get this season’s latest trend in leather, too.



Moto jackets are all the rage this season. Moto jackets have clean, sleek, cuts, and feature prominently displayed zippers. Sometimes the zipper closure is asymmetric and sometimes the jacket has no collar but a thin band. While moto jackets come in a wide range of colors, I personally prefer any neutral colors other than black, the original choice for motorcycle jackets.


There are variety of options for leather boots this season. There are booties, ankle boots, combat boots, knee high boots, and thigh high boots. Any of these varieties can come with a heel.



This is my favorite type of leather boot for Fall 2016. They make me feel taller because I’m so short. The heel makes me appear taller and the boot itself is long so it gives the appearance of height.


Leather handbags are a year round trend. But this season’s handbags coordinate their colors with the autumn colors.



Louis Vuitton consistently features classic designs and materials in their handbag design. This season’s handbag collection, while traditional in design, feature natural autumn colors.


For all you vegans, vegetarians, or those of you opposed to the leather industry, there is now an environmentally and animal conscious alternative to leather. MuSkin is an alternative to leather offering the texture and resemblance of traditional cowhide, but coming from mushroom roots.



MuSkin has just been introduced to the market, but has yet to hit department store shelves. Look for it in the future!



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