Shop Smarter, Not Harder

If you live in America, odds are you are materialistic by birth. The whole concept of ‘The American Dream’ is to achieve success and to represent your success and dedication to your work ethic, you buy expensive things to let everyone around you know that you are successful. But what do you do when you aren’t riding a wave of dollar bills but you still want luxury goods? You buy from outlet stores. In all my shopping discoveries, there is nothing that beats good ol’ Nordstrom Rack. Nordstrom Rack is the land of the budget-constrained and stylish. Incase you’ve never heard of Nordstrom Rack, it is a branch of Nordstrom that takes all the products Nordstrom couldn’t sell and marks them down to more affordable prices. Shoes and clothes can be marked down over 50% but the real gold is the high-end makeup. Last week, I found a TooFaced palette for $15.95, brand new. Yes, maybe I had to dig around a pile of broken lip glosses and eyeshadows to find this holy grail, but good bargains don’t come to those who don’t look for them. I found a Kate Spade purse for $129, which is still expensive but considering the original retail price was $260, I’d say it was a good deal. Next time, before you skip past Nordstrom Rack and assume it’s just “disorganized and cheap”, remember, so is Forever21, and wouldn’t you rather have high quality clothes for half the price, rather than poorly sewn rags for the same price?




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