The Perfect Dress for The Holidays

The holidays are approaching and so are those festive parties. were all trying to figure out what to wear, but fear not, this article will help you find the perfect dress for your body type.
First off, the triangle
If you have a smaller upper body and wider lower body then A-line and v neck dresses will suit you best. Avoid using skirts that are two voluminous and pleated skirts.Image result for v neck dress

The apple
If you’re a little bit on the rounder side try using dresses that are tighter up top but lose on the bottom, also known as empire waist dresses. These dresses will give you an illusion of a smaller waist.
Try to avoid dresses with too much sparkle and dresses that are too tight.

Image result for empire waist prom for chubby
The rectangle
Try using dresses that are tighter up top and flowy or puffy at the bottom. These dresses will create curves and extenuates the waist. dresses that tie at the back and belts are your best friend. Avoid using a-line and bodycon dresses.

Image result for dresses tight up top and flowy
The hour glass
Bodycon dresses suit you best. Avoid horizontal stripes and anything loose around the torso. Image result for elegant bodycon dress

Most important of all don’t forget to show off those curves. The point of this is to accentuate what you have not to hide or conceal . Have fun at your parties and happy holidays to all. ~L.R.


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