The Return Of The 80’s

Justbruin like bell bottom jeans scrunchies are making a come back from the 80’s. Scrunchies have always been a thing but lately I have seen people wear scrunchies in different ways. Just the other day I bought a few scrunchies for myself but have yet to wear them. Scrunchies, to me,  is one of the cutest ways to wear your hair up. My best friend Freya Johnson wears scrunchies when ever she puts her hair half up and half down and I think it looks really good on her. To me scrunchies make a plain pony tail go from boring to trendy and it make it look like you tried a little even if the pony tail is messy. Scrunchies  also look cute and trendy when you wear them on your wrist as an accessories. You can buy scrunchies almost anywhere, I have seen them in target, forever 21, h&m, and amazon but I bet you can find them in a lot of other stores . You can get scrunchies in a lot of different colors so you can just pick one that goes with your outfit that you are wearing that day. I’ve seen a few popular youtubers  wearing scrunchies like Zoella and Arden Rose. I think scrunchies look really good on girls with short hair but its probably because I’ve seen girls with shorter hair wear them more then girls with longer hair. To be honest I think anyone could wear a scrunchie if the wanted to.



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