Snow Many Sweaters!

Image result for sweaters polyvoreDecember is around the corner, so fashion is about to take a drastic change. As winter approaches in Northern Virginia, it’s important to be prepared for some seriously cold days. Although you’re in love with all of the adorable tank tops you bought this summer, it’s time to fold them away and start looking for something a little cozier.
The best way to stay warm is with a sweater. They’re comfy, soft, and inviting. Unfortunately, some people are swayed from sweaters because they can look bulky or unflattering. It’s hard to decide between looking cute and staying warm. Luckily, there are lots of ways to make sweaters work with your wardrobe.
Sweaters aren’t made strictly for the coldest days of the year. Depending on the thickness, different sweaters are appropriate in certain weather conditions. Some sweaters are looser and allow more air to pass through. Others are perfect for chilly days because they’re sewn tighter and conserve more heat. When choosing a sweater to wear for the day, it’s important to keep the thickness in mind.
If you have a sweater that feels too slouchy, there’s nothing to worry about. Pairing a sweater with a cute infinity scarf or wearing a vest can make an outfit look better.
The last tip is arguably the most important. Wearing slim pants to contrast against a loose sweater can also be flattering.
Dressing warmly without sacrificing style is difficult, but sweaters aren’t as suffocating as they might seem. Sweaters can be dressed up with accessories, complimented by other flattering pieces, or just worn alone. Sweaters are a great way to feel cozy all day and look great!




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