Selena Gomez Signs $1o Million Fashion Designing Deal???

Selena Gomez is returning to the spotlight slowly and steadily. As you may know she made a big win at the American Music Awards. She recently started posting again on Instagram showing her chic street style. Now we may be seeing her as the next face of coach. It was reported that on December 13th 2016, she signed a $10 million deal with the American luxury label. The contract that she signed would make Selena the face of Coach. She will be expected to star in ad campaigns, possibly even her own line for the brand. This might explain why she was recently spotted wearing a Coach graphic tee and holding a Coach bag last week.

Earlier this year, Selena was announced as the face of Louis Vuitton and starred in her first fashion campaign in  the brands series in June. She has hbz-selena-gomez-1205also been spotted front row at its shows in Paris and the Met Gala in May. Now since she’s teamed up with the French brand we can’t wait to see what she’ll bring to the American heritage label, which recently celebrated its 75th anniversary. If her designs turn out anything like her personal style, then we’ll be in luck!! ~BB

2016, predictions vs reality

Elle magazine posted an article on January 20th, 2016 talking about nine upcoming trends expected for 2016-but how many of these actually happened? While Elle has yet to post what they believe to be the biggest trends of 2016, Harper’s Bazaar recently posted an article about what they thought the 15 biggest fashion trends of 2016 were. The Elle article predicted navy colors, leopard print, tiered layers, sheer black, large florals, bold shoulders, kelly green, butterfly accents, and shearling coats. According to Harper’s Bazaar not a single one of these was one of the “biggest” trends of 2016. While we certainly saw a decent amount of some of these predicted trends, I agree that they weren’t exactly the biggest trends. A few of the Harper’s Bazaar’s biggest trends actually directly contrast the predicted ones. For example a prediction was bold shoulders, but off-the-shoulder shirts ended up being a bigger trend. Another prediction was tiered layers, especially in dresses, but we ended up seeing slip dresses take off more instead; which are much more simple than tiered layered dresses. So what was the biggest trend of 2016? I think most people will agree that if there was one trend that really just took off, it was chokers. I guess we will see if 2017’s trend projections are more accurate than 2016’s were in another year!

The multi-layered skirt is about to become a mainstay in our closets. Gucci's ongoing style of decadent kitsch is pioneering the look in pastel and pleats, giving this trend lush texture. 
Left to Right: Giorgio Armani, Oscar de la Renta, Jonathan Simkhai, No. 21, Gucci

Voluminous shapes continue to reign supreme, this time focusing on the shoulders. J.W. Anderson, Ellery, Opening Ceremony, and Valentino all had standout pieces featuring this trend.

Left to right: J.W. Anderson, Ellery, Valentino, Opening Ceremony





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High knee boots!

Winter is coming and we need to bundle up. New trends are coming in,one popular one is high knee boots its perfect to keep warm. They look super cute with dresses and knee socks. You wanna wear them with a nice outfit not just with a casual shirt and jeans. I love this style because it really adds something special to your outfit and can found in good quality for a good price. Cara outfit a little different her boots are on the dark side she has the perfect chilly day out look.





Leave it in 2016 or take it to 2017?

As we are entering the new year we all ask the question, what fashion trends will stay in 2016 and which ones will move onto 2017? Here are 4 fashion trends that will come to 2017 and be replaced by trends in 2016

  1. NUDE!!

Sadly nude clothing will be rarely seen in the new year, we are going into a year with a whole lot of military green

  yeezy-2  yeezy  yeezy-3

Yeezy fall/winter 2017 collection

  1. Puffy coats

Puffy coats will be coming with us to 2017, the puffier the better!


Balenciaga  fall/winter 2017

90’s Fashion

The 90’s will be leaving us and instead we will go back in time to the 80’s



Yves Saint Laurent fall/winter 2017 collection


We saw slides in fashion shows and celebrities rocking them but will they be coming with us to 2017, nope! we are entering a year with tall platform         →   shoes-1

GUCCI slides and Marc Jacobs platforms






Holiday Sweaters: the Uglier, the Better

As Christmas is approaching, a fashion-must is a tacky holiday sweater. Many prefer to purchase their sweaters from secondhand stores while some create their own. No matter which method is chosen, the overall rule is still the same: the uglier, the better. During the other 11 months of the year, fashionistas such as ourselves live by organized wardrobes with meticulously matching outfits. December is the only month of the year that our inner five-year-old can roam free and explode all over our daily threads. So feel free to go overboard with the holiday spirit! Add those fuzzy Santa socks and pull out that candy cane necklace. Your mood will skyrocket and you’ll thank me later.


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Christmas with a Hint of Velvet

It’s time for the holidays! Time to bundle up and get cozy for the winter season. Also time to get ready for the upcoming exciting holidays. Christmas is all about that red and classy look. Velvet clothing is the new trend and perfect for the holidays. The velvet fabric just screams holiday and classy. Velvet can be worn many different ways such as velvet boots, shirts, dresses, chokers, and much more. Velvet clothes are sold in many different colors and styles. Celebrities have also been spotted wearing velvet such as Kendall Jenner. That’s all for today. Talk to you soon. AA


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Kendall Jenner wearing a velvet bra.


King Kylies’ Grand Opening of Kylie Cosmetics in Store

We already have the Kardashians/Jenners as our fashion gurus, keeping up updated with the latest style. Now we have K/J taking the leap in her life at the age 19, and going big. She’s started of by creating Kylie lip kits, and seeing how succesful her online business has become she turned it into Kylie cosmetics, selling her eyeshadow kits, eyeliner kits and holiday editions lip kits. Kylie Jenner has gone above and beyond at the age of 19, taking her online bussniess and creating her own store. She had the grand opening of Kylie in Westfield Mall, California on December 9th,2016. Kylie has done a wonderful expanding her merchanding not just only makeup but also t-shirts, and bags. Props to Kylie!!

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