Thigh High Boots!

img_5046img_5047We all know December is just around the corner making it harder to be fashionable AND warm; But what if I told you that you CAN do that and here’s how. Get some thigh high boots! Not only are they sleek and chick they also add an extra layer to your wardrobe making you not only serve a look, but also adding comfort of warmth. These boots have gotten so popular throughout the past year even celebrities are making this a four season trend! For example Rihanna has been known for showing up to award shows, or even just casually walking the street and even her concerts! In her iconic thigh high boots. Even Kim Kardashian has been caught strutting the streets with her see through thigh high boots. So in conclusion everyone should buy these shoes since 1. They can go with every outfit for every season and 2. You have fashion icon Kim Kardashian wearing these boots and who doesn’t want to have Kim’s style so in conclusion, go buy a pair of thigh high boots! -SV


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