American Music Awards; The Best, The Worst, and The…Unique?

There’s no surprise that Award Shows are one of the biggest over-all events that take place on Television. Every year there’s new artists, new movies, and new talent that keeps us on our toes, but there’s one thing that has stayed the same for centuries and something we have all grown to love; Award Show Attire. Red Carpets specifically take place because of this, and we always hear the famous question of “Who are you wearing?” But this year at the AMA’s it wasn’t about who… it was about what.
                                                                            The Best:
                                                                       Teyana Taylor:
The infamous artist/actress featured in Kanye West’s newest single, “Fade” takes over the carpet with her sexy yet elegant long black dress, covered in lace to add a more modern look. Creates a balance between formal and trendy.
 Image result for teyana taylor american music awards
                                                                            The Worst:
                                                                          Karlie Kloss:
The beautiful American model featured in magazines like “Vogue” attempts to rock a black and light blue asymmetrical-half gown-half short wrap dress, but the combination of the two seems to be an unnatural match.
Karlie Kloss AMAs
                                                                   The Unique:
The singer/actress/model shines in a fitted-turtleneck black bodice, which fades into a black high low skirt with a white interior, showing off her vivacious legs and ever-so-slightly pregnancy bump.
Image result for ciara american music awards 2016
This years AMA’s looks were the best they’ve been in years, but I have a strong feeling 2017 will be something we’ll never forget. -NS

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