What Could Be Better Than Black Friday?!

Black Friday is a popular time of the year for malls, stores, and anything retail really. When the clock strikes 12 AM on Thanksgiving night, the horrifying pushing, fighting, and ignorance begins… Black Friday. This past weekend was the amazing terrifying deals put up for most items at your local retail stores, and let me tell you, they were NOT as great as they possibly could have been! Don’t get me wrong, the discounts are great, but there really IS something better than Black Friday. CYBER MONDAY! This day is on the following Monday of Thanksgiving. Personally, I believe it to be so much better than Black Friday because 1) You don’t have to physically get up and go 2) Free shipping is almost guaranteed on every website 3) The deals are better! I would like to point out one of the items I purchased in Cyber Monday that was a greater deal than Black Friday. That happens to be the glorious form fitting PACSUN JEANS!!! The jeans that are overly priced, but the best jeans you have ever tried on. In the malls on Black Friday, the jeans were “buy one, get one 50%”… you’re still paying about $90 for TWO pairs of jeans. Okay, I’m too excited to tell you guys this. On Cyber Monday, MOST jeans were 50% OFF… YAY! My money just flew out of my pocket. You could never possibly see that deal again on normal mall days. The jeans being 50%, it was ranged from $24-$29. That is a better deal compared to American Eagle jeans on a normal mall day… pretty amazing. I purchased three pairs of jeans for $77 on PacSun and probably the best money I’ve ever spent. So the moral story is to CYBER MONDAY SHOP! You’ll thank me next year. 🙂 -N.P.


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