The Banging Bralettes

If you don’t have one, you’ve definitely seen one! No more underwires poking you in the side and no more cupped bras. Bralette is THE NEW bra! Besides just the point that it is a lot more comfortable, there is also a lot more variety in styles, and you don’t even need to wear it as only an undergarment. It can be worn as a cute, sexy Saturday night out shirt. howtowearbralette4

There is an endless amount of styles with the Bralette, you can find one that suits perfectly for your own taste. If you have a shirt that is a little see-through then you can find a cute bralette to add a little bit of your own design to a plain shirt. It goes especially cute with a low-hanging shirt, no more having to constantly pull your shirt up!


Its a very popular item, you can even catch your favorite stars wearing them.celebrities-wearing-bralettes-beyonce-rihanna-kendall-jenner-rumer-willis

Bralette is the perfect for any kind of outfit whether it is time a night out with your girls, a stroll though the park, a nice walk on the beach, or just a lazy comfy day. You can fit the bralette with just about any outfit and really make your outfit shine and become your own. -AS



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