Rock Your 90s style in the Winter

As you probably already know 90s style is back. Its all over the place! Chokers, turtle necks, bellbottoms (which are actually 70s), hoop earrings, and suede.  Personally I have embraced it I’m neck deep in chokers and oversized sweaters. So let’s look at three throw back looks you could wear in the cold weather.


You can create this classic Rachel Green look with any solid color mock turtle neck sweater and plaid skirt. To make this outfit totally today and totally yesterday you could pair it with some black knee high or thigh high suede boot.


To copy Brandy’s look you could wear your favorite button up skirt and any ribbed turtle neck. If you don’t have a funky power blazer you can just wear a long sleeve top. To complete this look layer some short silver necklaces.


If you want to feel magical like Sabrina the Teenage Witch wear any velvet dress with black tights to keep your legs from getting cold. Flared sleeves could help you cast spells but any style dress will look great. Black ankle boosts and your choice choker would add nice finishing touch to this look.                                                                                     Hope you enjoyed this blast from the past. Z.W


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