La La Land: A Modern Day Classic

La La Land is an upcoming movie musical starring Emma Stone,  who plays an unsuccessful actress and  Ryan Gosling as a Jazz pianist. The film also stars J.K. Simmons and John Legend. The movie’s costumes takes inspiration from classic movie musicals and  fashion trends  from the 50s. Costume designer for the movie, Mary Zorphres wanted costume that would match the music and the tone of the movie.



TOP : Stone and Gosling in their signature costumes , Stone’s  yellow floral print dress was based off of popular 50s attire.

MID 1: Stone wears a blue halter dress with a sheer over bodice, also popular in the 50s.

MID 2: Gosling attire is from the 50s, whereas his shoes hail from the 1920s.

BOTTOM : On the right Stone wears a salmon colored halter dress with a collar and Gosling wears a casual suit with a yellow tie.



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