Brilliant Beauty Tips

Do you ever sleep past your alarm clock? It’s nearly impossible to jam pack getting dressed, doing your makeup, and eating breakfast in the crucial fifteen minutes before you have to leave the house. With simple beauty hacks you can master getting your makeup done in five minutes and leave the house glowing.

Tip No. 1: Sweep a light pink blush on the apples of your cheeks, than lightly on your eyelids. (This will give your face the glow)

Tip No. 2: Apply highlighter along your temples, cheekbones, center of your nose, and eyelids. (This will give your face a luminous effect)

Tip No. 3: Apply bronzer as a finishing touch to the top of your forehead and hallow of your cheeks. (This will give your face some warmth)

Tip No. 4: Apply gel eyeliner on your lash line. If you want a smoky eye just use your finger and smudge that gel eyeliner (the black will turn into a smoky gray)

Tip No. 5: Instead of applying messy mascara, curl your lashes. (This will lift your lashes up and elongate them)

Tip No. 6: Use a fast drying brow brush so your brows are on fleek.

Tip No. 7: Instead of going for a bold red lip, use a matte orange/coral. (To lighten up your look)

If you follow these tips you’ll perfect the natural look in minutes. So what are you waiting for stop reading this post and get ready!



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