Inspiring the Inspired

Today in the fashion industry, one person has the potential to change the whole look of fashion entirely just by being unique or true to themselves. People who have change fashion include the likes of Jerry Lorenzo, Alexander Wang, and Karl Largerfeld. These icons started numerous amounts of trends that helped most retail stores like Zara, H&M, and forever 21 make millions by imitating the trends and selling them at an affordable price. For me, who is male, young adult, Asian, leans towards the trendy items while exploring new things. My biggest inspiration is a very well-known fashionista in South Korea named G-Dragon. From my observation he has a style that is very hard to imitate or copy because of the all exclusive, high end, one of a kind clothing he wears and the way he wears them. He has started numerous amounts of trends including military boots, dyed hair, and tattoos. These might sound old or not original but in South Korea, the whole culture is different than western culture. In the future I hope to inspire millions, like G-Dragon, through my art and creativity.Image result for g dragon taeyang vogue


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