Leave it in 2016 or take it to 2017?

As we are entering the new year we all ask the question, what fashion trends will stay in 2016 and which ones will move onto 2017? Here are 4 fashion trends that will come to 2017 and be replaced by trends in 2016

  1. NUDE!!

Sadly nude clothing will be rarely seen in the new year, we are going into a year with a whole lot of military green

  yeezy-2  yeezy  yeezy-3

Yeezy fall/winter 2017 collection

  1. Puffy coats

Puffy coats will be coming with us to 2017, the puffier the better!


Balenciaga  fall/winter 2017

90’s Fashion

The 90’s will be leaving us and instead we will go back in time to the 80’s



Yves Saint Laurent fall/winter 2017 collection


We saw slides in fashion shows and celebrities rocking them but will they be coming with us to 2017, nope! we are entering a year with tall platform heels.shoes-2         →   shoes-1

GUCCI slides and Marc Jacobs platforms







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