2016, predictions vs reality

Elle magazine posted an article on January 20th, 2016 talking about nine upcoming trends expected for 2016-but how many of these actually happened? While Elle has yet to post what they believe to be the biggest trends of 2016, Harper’s Bazaar recently posted an article about what they thought the 15 biggest fashion trends of 2016 were. The Elle article predicted navy colors, leopard print, tiered layers, sheer black, large florals, bold shoulders, kelly green, butterfly accents, and shearling coats. According to Harper’s Bazaar not a single one of these was one of the “biggest” trends of 2016. While we certainly saw a decent amount of some of these predicted trends, I agree that they weren’t exactly the biggest trends. A few of the Harper’s Bazaar’s biggest trends actually directly contrast the predicted ones. For example a prediction was bold shoulders, but off-the-shoulder shirts ended up being a bigger trend. Another prediction was tiered layers, especially in dresses, but we ended up seeing slip dresses take off more instead; which are much more simple than tiered layered dresses. So what was the biggest trend of 2016? I think most people will agree that if there was one trend that really just took off, it was chokers. I guess we will see if 2017’s trend projections are more accurate than 2016’s were in another year!

The multi-layered skirt is about to become a mainstay in our closets. Gucci's ongoing style of decadent kitsch is pioneering the look in pastel and pleats, giving this trend lush texture. 
Left to Right: Giorgio Armani, Oscar de la Renta, Jonathan Simkhai, No. 21, Gucci

Voluminous shapes continue to reign supreme, this time focusing on the shoulders. J.W. Anderson, Ellery, Opening Ceremony, and Valentino all had standout pieces featuring this trend.

Left to right: J.W. Anderson, Ellery, Valentino, Opening Ceremony





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