Your Face, a Constellation

Freckle: a speckle of brown. Painless. Harmless. And never alone.
For the longest time, these tiny patches of melanin have been nothing but a side effect of life, something inherited and never questioned. Something seen and not noticed. But as of late, more and more people have been trying to imitate these imperfections, launching a trend that’s turning blunder into beauty: the Faux Freckle. In this look, freckles are purposefully drawn on with a soft pencil or powder.
The obsession with freckles doesn’t stop with makeup, either. Glitter freckles have also risen in popularity. These unapologetic sparkles make a serious statement, especially when they’re in the shape of stars or hearts:


Finally, natural freckles are being given more and more love with the emergence of a refreshing, foundation-less makeup trend. With minimal coverage on the center of the face, freckles really do take the spotlight.


Do you have freckles? How will you choose to embrace the constellations on your face?


Please Prepare for Fad Arrival

Ladies and gentlemen, as we start our descent, please make sure your seat backs, all scarfs are snug, and get ready for take off.

Only taking about 60 years, silk scarfs have finally made their “comeback”. I write this resembling an air flight because people believed this fad resembled flight attendant fashion. However, in this fad’s defense, lace up sandals, or should I say Spartan Warrior foot wear had its time to shine as well… And can I say, dressing like a “flight attendant” has never looked better.


This silk scarf trend has an “out with the old, in with the new” type of ruling, “old” implying fabric chokers. I hate to say it, but fabric chokers have GTG. Even Kendall Jenner said it herself on her app, Kendall.

“I know I was wearing fabric chokers all the time-and its not to say I don’t still love them-but I’m over them right now”

-Kendall Jenner

This trend is great because not only is it affordable (scarfs starting at $4.00 on Amazon), but there are a variety of ways to wear these scarfs and can have any pattern!

…Ladies and Gentleman, this your captain speaking. I am delighted to tell you that the Silk Scarf Fad has successfully arrived at Lake Braddock Secondary School.


Velvet Clothing

Velvet clothing is a trend that is becoming more and more popular. Velvet makes the clothes comfortable and gives it a unique look. This material can show off many personalities and can range from casual to elegant but it always looks luxurious. There are shirts, jackets, scarfs, dresses, and even pants made out of velvet. You can often see this look on celebrities. Velvet can make simple outfits more fun to wear. You can pair velvet with almost everything and it comes in many colors. Velvet clothing is stunning and comfortable and that is always good combination.    LH

velvet-shirt    velvet-dress


Taylor Hill, the Designer?

The Victoria Secret Angel, just collaborated with famed denim designer, Joe’s Jeans’, to design a four capsule collections focused on street style. Hill wanted the collection to have a “buy-now-wear-now” mentality. Over the years, Taylor has rocked everything from mom jeans and crop tops, to ripped black jeans and moto jackets, and incorporated that aesthetic in the collection. The ad campaign, releasing in print, outdoor and digital platforms, was shot by the well-known Mario Sorrenti. The collection has between 20 and 25 styles, and features a mix of skinny and wide-leg jeans, and high-waisted ones. There are also edgy shorts, overalls, T-shirts with an emphasis on jackets. Produced in Los Angeles and Mexico, the capsule wholesales from $44 to $350. The collection is set to be available at Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, and Shopbop (in April-May).



Chanel Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2017 : The Future of Chanel with taste of the Past

Inspired by the stairs that Coco Chanel’s Atelier comes to life a spectacular set filled with framed mirrors that give of a true vibe of chic that only the French fashion house Chanel can give off.

Looks inspired by the 80’s, 30’s, and 20’s grace the runway with looks featuring large belts, flapper style dresses, and ballerina length skirts. Chiffon, Silk, and the classic Chanel tweed were all given homage with pastel colors, feathers, and sequin accents.The trend in metallic continues as many of the models wear metallic foot wear and many of the clothing pieces also feature metallic accents.

This show proved that Chanel is truly a classic. The same soft beige and tweed that started this fashion house still reigns strong even today. While variations of classic looks help to bring Chanel into the new age Coco Chanel was truly a visionary as everything she envisioned is still truly sought after today. Even the classic silhouettes of looser fitting clothing for the working women are still used and sought after not only in Chanel but across the globe in every brand. Many pieces featured in this show were variations of the classic military tweed skirt suit.

Chanel will always be forever classic.

— Rohan

Politics Is In Fashion

As we look back on the Inauguration we remember many things, the speech, the parade, the signing, the ball and the outfits. Politics is not an area where you would think the outfits would really stand out but with so many eyes on you, you want to look your best. In the world of politics there is a certain attire that is expected. Throughout the day of the Inauguration many outfits were presented. All outfits unique but conservative. Personally my favorite ensemble was Melania Trump’s evening ball gown that was head to toe covered in sparkles. This dress was so different from what you would expect at such a formal event. Keep your eyes open for fashion in the politics world. What you wear in politics can effect how people see you.







How to Rock the 90’s in 2017

As we have seen in 2016 and many years before, trends are bound to repeat themselves. After all, “what goes around comes back around” applies to fashion trends too. Chokers, scrunchies, and over-sized denim- all from the 90’s! To stay in style this year embrace all those 90’s trends! Hoop earrings, berry lips, dresses over tops, and accent braids have been spotted on all of our favorite celebrities.

Image result for celebs wearing hoop earrings 2016Image result for megan fox berry lipsImage result for kendall jenner t shirt under spaghetti strapsImage result for blake lively accent braidsThe way to perfect your 90’s look is to be carefree with your style! For more inspiration, watch Full House, listen to the Backstreet Boys or 90’s Britney Spears, dress in layers, style your hair half up-half down, or pair skinny jeans with heeled boots. The 90’s was all about being laid back and being too cool to care. Remember, this is the revival of the 90’s! -IK