How to Rock the 90’s in 2017

As we have seen in 2016 and many years before, trends are bound to repeat themselves. After all, “what goes around comes back around” applies to fashion trends too. Chokers, scrunchies, and over-sized denim- all from the 90’s! To stay in style this year embrace all those 90’s trends! Hoop earrings, berry lips, dresses over tops, and accent braids have been spotted on all of our favorite celebrities.

Image result for celebs wearing hoop earrings 2016Image result for megan fox berry lipsImage result for kendall jenner t shirt under spaghetti strapsImage result for blake lively accent braidsThe way to perfect your 90’s look is to be carefree with your style! For more inspiration, watch Full House, listen to the Backstreet Boys or 90’s Britney Spears, dress in layers, style your hair half up-half down, or pair skinny jeans with heeled boots. The 90’s was all about being laid back and being too cool to care. Remember, this is the revival of the 90’s! -IK


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