Chanel Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2017 : The Future of Chanel with taste of the Past

Inspired by the stairs that Coco Chanel’s Atelier comes to life a spectacular set filled with framed mirrors that give of a true vibe of chic that only the French fashion house Chanel can give off.

Looks inspired by the 80’s, 30’s, and 20’s grace the runway with looks featuring large belts, flapper style dresses, and ballerina length skirts. Chiffon, Silk, and the classic Chanel tweed were all given homage with pastel colors, feathers, and sequin accents.The trend in metallic continues as many of the models wear metallic foot wear and many of the clothing pieces also feature metallic accents.

This show proved that Chanel is truly a classic. The same soft beige and tweed that started this fashion house still reigns strong even today. While variations of classic looks help to bring Chanel into the new age Coco Chanel was truly a visionary as everything she envisioned is still truly sought after today. Even the classic silhouettes of looser fitting clothing for the working women are still used and sought after not only in Chanel but across the globe in every brand. Many pieces featured in this show were variations of the classic military tweed skirt suit.

Chanel will always be forever classic.

— Rohan


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