Your Face, a Constellation

Freckle: a speckle of brown. Painless. Harmless. And never alone.
For the longest time, these tiny patches of melanin have been nothing but a side effect of life, something inherited and never questioned. Something seen and not noticed. But as of late, more and more people have been trying to imitate these imperfections, launching a trend that’s turning blunder into beauty: the Faux Freckle. In this look, freckles are purposefully drawn on with a soft pencil or powder.
The obsession with freckles doesn’t stop with makeup, either. Glitter freckles have also risen in popularity. These unapologetic sparkles make a serious statement, especially when they’re in the shape of stars or hearts:


Finally, natural freckles are being given more and more love with the emergence of a refreshing, foundation-less makeup trend. With minimal coverage on the center of the face, freckles really do take the spotlight.


Do you have freckles? How will you choose to embrace the constellations on your face?



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