Steve Harvey Déjà Vu?

Last Sunday was the oh-so-formal and prestigious Oscars Award show. This is where “popular” movies and actresses are awarded with “best actress” or “best film” titles. Jimmy Kimmel set the bar very high being the host by providing a funny yet formal tone of announcing. Everything was going very smooth, Kimmel was saying his well practiced jokes, announcers were doing a great job of reading off of teleprompters and reciting their worn out scripts, until a slip up happened. Remember back in 2015 when Steve Harvey announced the wrong Miss Universe? A slip up as big as that happened AGAIN. When announcing the winner of this years best picture, the movie La La Land was awarded. HOWEVER, this was not the real winner,the

movie Moonlight was supposed to win the award, however a mix up of envelopes caused much interruption. How embarrassing? This is now one of the most infamous screw-ups in award history!


Suit Up With Bodysuits This Spring!

Bodysuits are becoming more and more trendy as the weather gets warmer. You can wear bodysuits with almost anything! You can wear it with jeans, shorts, skirts etc. They look cute with everything! Depending on if you want to dress it down or dress it up it’ll always look good. You can pair it with a cardigan, or a cute jacket. I guarantee any clothing store that you will go into has a wide variety of bodysuits. Prices for bodysuits definitely vary, depending on where, and what type you are purchasing. People will always want to buy what other people have, that’s just the kind of world we live in. If someone is wearing an adorable bodysuit people around them are going to catch onto the trend, and go out and buy one for themselves. Especially since the weather is getting warmer people are starting to buy more clothes that cover less of their body, and show more skin then they would show in the wintertime. I have a close friend who wears bodysuits a lot, and I think they’re adorable so I went out and bought myself a bodysuit because they’re absolutely adorable!! K.T.Related image


Laquan Smith Fall 2017 Presentation

Laquan Smith a luxury fashion designer is turning up the style in 2017 with his Fall presentation. The theme in my own opinion is a devil vs angel type. The devil, or more edgy side consists of black and burgundy latex, knit, velvet and leather vs the angel side which is more light, neutral colors for example fluffy whites. Various celebrities came out to the presentation including Cardi B and Remy Ma, Beyoncé’s stylist Ty Hunter also attended.Laquan Smith perfected this presentation.


Dolce & Disorderly

c5mqs4nwmaav90kDolce & Gabbana’s show in the Milan Fashion Week was held the weekend of February 24th. Like many European fashion shows, the divert from the traditional runway feel. Many of the models in the show weren’t actually models at all! There were many public figures actors, actresses, and singers. This was a pleasant fresh thing to see, considering we don’t usually see this in America. Though the models looked unorganized and under rehearsed. This may have been on purpose, but nonetheless sloppy looking. Though I do appreciate the diversity in their use of models and other public figures.

The Perfect Shoe for the Perfect Adventure


We all want that pintrest perfect life, full of adventure and travel. Hiking mountains, kayaking and walks along beautiful rocky beaches are the primary choices for outdoor adventures during the summer. All these require the perfect shoe. One that will stay on, offer arch support, prevent overly hot feel and also add a hint of style. Thankfully for adventurous like yourself there is the perfect shoe for you, Chaco’s. Chaco’s are sandals made for hiking and outdoor activities. Their rubber bottoms keep your feet comfortable as you hike the Appalachian trail or kayak the Colorado river. The either single or double strap design keeps your feet in place while adding pizzazz  depending on the color or pattern you decide to choose. There are so many different, unique styles, colors and patters to choose from that each pair can be customized to a persons own style and comfort. These shoes are a incredible investment for people who enjoy living life to the fullest.


Vogue, What Were You Thinking?


Vogue’s March 2017 issue is cleverly named, “The Diversity Issue”, featuring various models of color and sizes (Ashley Graham is the only plus-size model on the cover). However, what is within the pages of this supposedly inclusive issue is troubling.

     Karlie Kloss, Vogue and blatant cultural ignorance strike again. In 2013, Kloss made a public apology for wearing a white-ified version of a Native American headdress during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She acknowledged the insensitivity to a culture that has been ridiculed by white people for hundreds of years, and promised to never knowingly offend another culture ever again.

But she did. Vogue’s March 2017 issue features a spread in which Kloss is dressed like a Japanese geisha. Why, Vogue couldn’t have used an actual Japanese model, and how, Vogue, unlike it’s cultured little sister, Teen Vogue, did not recognize how offensive this shoot truly was baffles me.

     With no official apology from Vogue, and from Kloss – a reiteration of her apology from 2013  posted on Instagram, it’s hard to know if Vogue has actually learned it’s lesson this time or is just riding out the hate wave.

In such a culturally sensitive time, it’s puzzling why Vogue went through with this shoot. The makeup artist, the hair stylist, the model, the photographer, the creative director, the assistants, the editors and Anna WIntour herself, didn’t see anything offensive with this shoot before they printed it?
     What we, as readers of such a highly regarded fashion magazine, can take from this experience, is that, sometimes even the best of us can be ignorant. This is in no way excusing Vogue’s actions, but rather emphasizing how in a political climate that stimulates hate and fear of those unlike us, we need to reevaluate our actions before we make them and look from the perspectives of others.


Patch It Up

Putting patches on denim is a cute way to personalize your outfit. Recently Gigi Hadid and Tommy Hilfiger worked together and created a line called TOMMYxGIGI.  In the line there are a few pairs of patched jeans, a denim jacket, and a few other denim objects. This YouTuber that I am subscribed to, Zoella, she has these really cute patched jeans that she wear a lot. I didn’t like patched jean until she pointed out a pair in a vlog and now I am in love with patched denim. I’ve recently been collecting patches to put on a denim jacket I own. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a cute pair of patched jeans or a patched jean jacket. You can go to a thrift store and buy a pair of jean or a jacket for a low price. Then you can go to an art store and buy some patches you like. After that all you have to do is iron on your patches anyway you want it and poof you have a pair of jeans/jacket that no one els have.  I’m still looking for the perfect pair of patched jeans tho.