The Best and Worst of the 2017 Grammy’s

The Grammy’s which is always a huge music award show that many people tune into all over the country, took place this past Sunday. With Beyoncé now having a total of 22 Grammy’s, Chance the Rapper taking home the Best New Artist award, and Adele taking home Album of the Year for 25, it was one memorable show, especially for fashion.

Above you can see that many big celebs showed up and served looks on the red carpet. With Chance stunting in an all grey suit, Jennifer Lopez serving looks in a lavender slit dress, and Lady Gaga always doing her own thing, award shows are always the perfect place for celebs to branch out on their fashion and be creative.

Above this are some who did not get much love for their looks on the carpet. Joy Villa showed her love for Trump by showing up in a dress of his campaign poster which people weren’t really a big fan of. Then there’s recording artist Girl Crush who showed up in a two piece gown, with her skirt covered in plastic rainbow balls. Jacqueline Van Bierk who is new to the music scene walked on the red carpet with a silver dress covered with CDs and had on a turquoise glove to match her hair.

There were definitely many looks on the carpet that made your jaws drop in a good and bad way, but the 2017 Grammy Award show was definitely one to remember. -NM




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