Steve Harvey Déjà Vu?

Last Sunday was the oh-so-formal and prestigious Oscars Award show. This is where “popular” movies and actresses are awarded with “best actress” or “best film” titles. Jimmy Kimmel set the bar very high being the host by providing a funny yet formal tone of announcing. Everything was going very smooth, Kimmel was saying his well practiced jokes, announcers were doing a great job of reading off of teleprompters and reciting their worn out scripts, until a slip up happened. Remember back in 2015 when Steve Harvey announced the wrong Miss Universe? A slip up as big as that happened AGAIN. When announcing the winner of this years best picture, the movie La La Land was awarded. HOWEVER, this was not the real winner,the

movie Moonlight was supposed to win the award, however a mix up of envelopes caused much interruption. How embarrassing? This is now one of the most infamous screw-ups in award history!



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