Cultural Appropriation

Cultural Appropritation is when an element is copied from a minority by members of a dominant culture. This topic is relevant because some people don’t know the difference between appropriation and appreciation; for example during NYFW, Marc Jacobs decided to have his models wear dreads. Most of them not being black it seemed innapropriate and a bit ironic. Because usually what happens when an African American man or women is seen wearing dreads she or he is deemed as “ghetto”, “ratchet”, etc. so you can see how Marc Jacobs may have messed up by not using his opportunity to not only highlight African culture, but to be able to use African American models in the process, but instead he used caucasian models to showcase them instead.

Another example of appropriation is just pop culture in general, like the Kardashians for example, remember when Kims’ “boxer braids” became the new hairstyle, while people of color have been wearing them for years and actually called them “cornrows”. Or how Kylie Jenner has been on tabloids and has been praised for her lip injections, while black men and women are ridiculed for it and are called racial slurs for their non-eurocentric features in general. So think of it this way “what if America loved black people as much as they love black culture” -Amandla Stenberg.



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