Vogue Makeup

This year makeup has become an upcoming trend that just becomes even bigger as time goes on. We have seen new techniques and forms of application such as the beauty blender, the silicone sponge, rotating makeup brushes, and more. Let’s not forget about the recent trends we have been seeing among makeup users like a cut crease, contour,  baking, strobing, glitter, eyebrow pomade, and neutral colors.

There’s even been some crazy things like dunking you face in water or spraying your face with hairspray to make your makeup last longer.

Image result for water makeup methodImage result for makeup hairspray method

some people think it’s getting a little too overboard while others don’t even mind it.Makeup has become an art and a way for a girl to express herslef.  Before a girl was expected to have an excuse to wear makeup, but now it’s something normal. A girl can wear makeup even if she’s just staying at home because the only person we need to impress is ourselves.



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