Ripped Jeans

One of the new uprising fashion trends is ripped clothing. There are multiple reasons why this new trend is becoming increasingly popular, but the main reason for the liking of this odd fashion trend is because of the simply pleasing grunge look it adds to your fashion pallet. Although there have been many solutions discovered to create your own pair of ripped jeans at home, many people have stated that the rips are not as satisfactory, compared to the store bought jeans. diy ripped jeans.jpg

Adding a ripped element to your outfit adds a simple antique look that also makes your plain, formal jeans look a bit more comfortable. This can also help you achieve that cute-comfy look.

ripped jeans

Many people have questioned the reason behind the increase in price for the decrease of fabric. The reason why the ripped jeans price is higher than the standard jeans is because there is more maintenance put into the ripped ones. This could possibly be why homemade ripped jeans are not as aesthetically pleasing. Even though there is the downfall of paying more for your ripped jeans, it is worth the extra money.



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