Halima Aden

Halima Aden is  a new face in the modeling industry. She got discovered by Kanye West and participated in season 5 yeezy fashion show and previously was at Milan fashion week.

that doesn’t matter though what matters is Halima Aden is the  one of first famous young Hijab model I’ve seen become successful for simply being herself.  Halima 18 years old,  she is somali and has had a rough past she was born in Kenya refugee camp, at age 7 moved to the states and got signed with IMG models.

what is different about her is she is a inspiration, she isn’t like any other model.  “My goal is to send a message to Muslim women and young women everywhere that it’s okay to break stereotypes and be yourself,” says Halima Aden. Coming from a muslim girl perspective I really respect her and how confident she is about her beliefs. – VAhalima-adengallery-1487791264-gettyimages-643807002gallery-1487254248-halima-aden-1


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