In the 1920’s bangs became a really popular trend, bangs represented a cool girl or being rebellious.  The 1920’s was an era that allowed women to find and discover  themselves, many trends were being used one of them being bangs. Bangs are making a come back again in 2017 many people are catching on to the trend and getting them, many famous people are getting them like Selena Gomez, bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner, and Chantel Jeffries. Bangs are great. If you are looking to changing your look and not damaging it with the chemicals hair dye have,just looking to cover your 5fivehead, or just want a new look then bangs are perfect for you.  Bangs really make a statement and look good on everyone, you can never go wrong with bangs.    GR

Image result for selena gomez bangs hairstyle

 Image result for bella hadid bangs hairstyleImage result for kylie jenner bangs 2017





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