Taking the Runway to New Heights

In early March, Chanel debuted its fall ready-to-wear 2017 clothing line in an out-of-this-world runway show. The looks featured classic Chanel pieces, paired with high hair and headbands. Many outfits had more of an 80s vibe, while others seemed to be more inspired by the 60s. Shoulder pads and boots were a large part of the show, as were heavy fabrics such as wool and tweed. What really made the show stand out was its space inspired runway, featuring a rocket in the center of the models’ intricate paths. This space element continued to some of the clothes, which featured metallic aspects to take them into the next generation of fashion. At the end of the show, the models entered the rocket, which then proceeded to “blastoff” above the ground of the show. The cosmic vibes with that of classic Chanel fashion made the show such a success. A combination of past and future has allowed Chanel to keep its presence in the fashion industry, and its latest line is an example of this combination.



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