That’s a Wrap

Victoria Secret models/best friends Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid control the social media fashion universe. Whether these models are going to a hot spot party or a family gathering they keep the fashion world updated by posting their #selfies or #ootd (outfit of the day). These young and inspiring models always keep up with the latest fashion trends such as wrap dresses and thigh high boots. Pictured on the left Kendall Jenner is rocking a shimmery gold wrap dress with black leather thigh-high boots. The fashionistas of the world crave to have Kendall Jenner’s wardrobe since it is so chic. On the right Gigi Hadid struts down the streets in a simple white and black wrap dress with grey velvet thigh-high boots. These models control the fashion industry by wearing desirable clothing that the fashion forward world craves. These fashion icons are followed everywhere and keep the fashion world wondering what the next trend will be since their fashion style not only appeals to the youth but can be worn by any body type or person.

Image result for Gigi Hadid in Wrap dress and thigh high bootsImage result for Kendall Jenner in Wrap dress and thigh high boots


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