Who doesn’t want to look good for the big night? With two months left until prom, it’s definitely time to secure the dress. If you haven’t started your big search yet, not to worry! 2017 has seen to the dawn of so many stunning new styles and cuts. With all the trends available for the dance floor this year, there’s no doubt that one will be the perfect match for you. Here are just a few that will be sure to take everyone’s breath away:

1. The Mermaid

Why not channel your inner goddess this spring? This style combines both a flattering, form-fitting cut with a tasteful flare of a mermaid’s tail. With such an elegant silhouette, you’ll be definitely be turning some heads.

2. The Two-Piece

If a traditional gown isn’t your thing, then consider this new alternative. The two-piece allows you to break from the expectations of a classic prom dress and allows you to show off a little bit more skin while still looking graceful.

3. The Floral

Make things exciting with a little pattern! Floral prom dresses are now growing in popularity. If you’re not into basic, single-colored dresses, maybe consider rocking a beautiful explosion of colors.

Can’t Decide?

If you can’t settle on just one style, why not rock all of them?  Have fun shopping!



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