Spring is finally here!! As we know, not only does spring bring flowers and beautiful weather, but it brings a whole new season of clothes. With nice weather, the common fashionista would want to dress light, bright, and right! Birkenstocks, a German pair of sandals, are the perfect shoe to go with any spring outfit. They can dress down an outfit, provide comfort for your feet, and make it worth the money!

Birkenstocks are sandals that have a neutral, casual vibe. The most popular design, the two straps across the top of the foot, always seem to begin to be seen when Spring begins. Birkenstocks are perfect for this season because they can be paired with a casual dress, a fun romper, a nice pair of jeans/crops, or truly anything! They’re extremely versatile because they can be worn so that they’re nice sandals, or they can be dressed down as a pair of casual slip-ons.

Not only are Birkenstocks cute for any spring outfit, but they’re also amazing for your feet! Birks have hard soles and a orthopedic arch built it. They support your feet and keep you on your toes all day long, unlike most sandals or flip flops. Birkenstocks keep you feet from aching or getting arch cramps, so that you can go through your day enjoying it, rather than just getting through it.

Pricewise, Birkenstocks are a bit expensive, but for good reason. The average sandal costs $95-$100. Yes, that seems like a lot for sandals. However, Birkenstocks last an outstanding amount of time, compared to competing sandals. They’re tough design makes them able to withstand almost anything you throw at them. Also, they can be worn in so many situations with so many outfits, so you get your money’s worth! Birkenstocks are a stylish, practical, comfortable pair of sandals that everyone should own entering into spring/summer 2017!   -MF




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