Good American, Good For All

Image result for khloe kardashian good american

Image result for good american jeansDuring the Spring we don’t know when it is appropriate to transition from jeans to denim shorts. Khloe Kardashian’s fairly new line of jeans allows for you to not have to worry about this transition. The jeans featured in the Kardashian line are perfect for warm weather with a chill, as they are full length or capris but super light weight. These jeans also offer a tight fit without suffocating you, letting you look amazing but remaining comfortable. Khloe Kardashian is HUGE on body positivity, working to get the body that you want or being happy with the one you are in. All of who have their Kardasheducation know that Khloe has had personal struggles with her own body positivist, she used her experiences to help construct a pair of pants that can show off any bodies assets. These jeans and much more are available on the Good American website and in select Nordstrom stores. With spring break coming soon, we all should be searching for a pair of good pants to wear out on the town, and I think Good American is the place to find them.



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